Farewell Nobuko!

Posted on October 29, 2015


Today it is with a heavy heart that we farewell the beautiful Nobuko Matsuda.

Nobuko has been with the firm for 7 years and in that time her work ethic and loyalty have been absolute. We are so grateful for her commitment and contribution to our success and ongoing support to the team, management and clients. She will be dearly missed and we can only hope she finds her way back to us in the near future.

However we are happy that Nobuko is following her dream and passion to live in Italy!

We managed to get a few parting words from the lady of honour that we would like to share:

Why did you choose Hall Consulting Group?
I was impressed with the firm brochure you had at the old reception desk!

What has been your favourite event/time at HCG?
I always enjoyed the team environment and spending lunch times catching up with everyone around the office kitchen.
The Melbourne Cup lunches we do each year are always a highlight, I’m glad I have been invited to come back next week to attend one last one!

What has been your career highlight?
When I had strong input in the organisation of a property investors seminar and contributed ideas to systemising our work processes.

Do you have a message to the clients?
I wish to thank our clients for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It was my pleasure to work along with you and get to know some of you. I wish everyone successful business ventures and balance with your family life!

Do you have a message to the team?
Thank you for your support and assistance with various work assignments. It was very nice working together with you all.
Venetta and Andrew – thank you for your guidance and mentoring over the last 7 years my growth and professional development.
Chris – I wish you every success with your ventures. Please keep going at least for another ten years!

What is next for you?
I will be off to Italy to eat pizza and pasta! Hope to improve my Italian language & cooking skills there. I am so excited to start my next adventure.