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Our Cause to Save Lives

Posted on January 30, 2019

In the spirit of our HCG colourful year, we start the 2019 with our colour Green.

Green is the colour of balance, harmony and growth, the colour of spring, of renewal and rebirth.

It is the colour of life

We know how cruel life can sometimes be and as a team and individually we have been deeply touched by the devastation of a loss that shattered lives forever.

We know how difficult it is for the grieving family to find the meaning and purpose of their lives again and to deal with guilt, anger, pain and confusion for years.

We pledge to help save lives, to make a difference to someone’s future, to fight depression, to pull a young person from the bite of the Black Dog.

To prevent a suicide…

We pledge:

  • To establish close relationship with organisations helping school students to cope with depression
  • To give 0.45% of every professional fee collected by the firm during the year ahead and donate monthly to our nominated organisation

Of every 30 students in Australia, 7 will be dealing with mental health issue, yet only 2 will reach out for support. Batyr’s dedicated team works with schools, universities running hands on programs to help erase the stigma of mental health and empower young people to reach out for help by promoting positive conversation around mental health, correct education and approach.

  • In addition, each team member of HCG will personally donate money collected from the team for their birthday present
  • We will donate all proceeds collected from running educational seminars on technical topics during the year
  • We will organise 2 fund raising events which could be a fun run, volunteering, mixers etc.
  • We will approach charity foundations managed by our firm to offer financial support to our cause
  • We will reach out to the organisation we sponsor – Chatswood Junior Rugby Club and ask for the support of the parents and Committee
  • Members from our team will dedicate their personal time to suitable organisations to share their personal experience with suicide tragedies and mental health illness of family members and friends


We are sending our Green healing power to bring safety, to create awareness, and raise funds to help prevent suicide. To save lives.

If you have been affected by mental health illness or touched by the tragedy of suicide, please join us in our effort to save lives and preserve future.

One less grieving parent or a child is worth the fight.

One more person behind a Lifeline can change a terrible decision.

One more shared story by someone affected can make a difference.

One more support group can help survivors feel less stigmatised and isolated

We are ready to give and fight for these lives.

Are you?

If you wish to join our cause to help prevent suicide, and offer financial support to keep these programs in schools, we have set up a HCG Crowd Raiser Fund with Batyr.



We thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness.

Our monthly newsletters will report on our contribution and activities and the generous help of our supporters.

Jointly with you we will bring HOPE.  


Hall Consulting Group