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Unstoppable and Fearless

Posted on December 13, 2018

When things get tough and I find myself out of my comfort zone, I always think of Julie King from Julie King and Associates, a loyal client of HCG, a business woman who is unstoppable and fearless, who leads and inspires others and never stops accomplishing her goals and dreams.

Julie established her company in Australia 8 years ago and took the business from good to great. She has developed Julie King & Associates into a trusted and respected, award winning representation agency and tourism consultancy which has demonstrated and become known by her clients and trade and media partners  as “Connected, Creative, Innovative, Influential, Knowledgeable, Reputable, Respected and Trusted. This is an amazing achievement for a girl starting her career as a kitchen assistant, then choosing Housekeeping as her specialisation and within 5 years becoming the youngest 5 Star Executive Housekeeper in Scotland at 23 years old,

Julie chose this industry because travel inspires her. She is passionate about tourism and knew she could make a difference. Working in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 30 years, opening five 5 star luxury hotels and living in Dubai for 14 years gave her a strong foundation and confidence to run her own show. Her positive attitude and warm personality as well as exceptional service and care attracted many clients and an excellent team of likeminded women sharing the same ethics, values and goals.

To Julie, relationship building comes first. Second, she believes in saying yes to the impossible, as she has proven many times in her life. Dubai provided a strong lesson in this for her. Being made redundant after working in the hotels for 13 years, Julie had 3 months to find another job and survive in Dubai. She had no hesitation to move into a junior consulting role, a role she never worked in, and 4 years later she was running the business as General Manager, travelling the world and delivering 150 projects in 20 countries. She strongly advocates that experience can lead you to the same place as education as long as you have passion, determination and work hard. “Dubai allowed me to inspire and mentor my teams and consultants to prove through my leadership that everything is possible if you have a strong vision, you are passionate, determined, willing to work hard and you believe in yourself”

Julie pushed herself out of her comfort zone again when she moved to Australia and launched her own business in 2010. She knew nothing about the Australian market and laws and she had no business connections in the country. The business however took off steadily, and quickly gained speed and international reputation.  She consistently led the company to maintaining their status in the top 5 finalists each year for Best Tourist Office – Internationally and winning this coveted award twice.

Eight years later, Julie was forced once again out of her comfort zone when a major client in Dubai changed strategy and removed their base from Australia.  At a time when she was planning to scale up, Julie had to scale down. Without fear and more determined than ever, the team quickly re-strategised the business model and took a decision to diversify globally ensuring they were less vulnerable. Soon after, the company signed up new accounts in Europe, Asia, Indian Ocean and managed to secure major projects in Dubai.

Once again, Julie was unstoppable!

Now, Julie King is very excited about the next stage of her business and is looking to extend the company’s Tourism Consultancy and Sales, Marketing and PR representation services further and introduce new models and concepts on both a project and a retained basis. Their strategy is to diversify and build a balanced basket to allow for market changes proved successful.

Julie is a great role model for many business women and constantly inspires and supports her team of seven amazing women. As a team, they will take the business to the sky, if this is their limit! She also takes time to give back to her industry and is a judge every year on the National Travel Industry Awards judging panel and also for Woman in Travel and is a committee member of CATO. She is also part of the Business Chicks Entrepreneur Programme, PowerPlayers and has monthly peer to peer mentoring with her advisory committee

Some of the key rules Julie stands by are:

  • Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something
  • Be fearless and unstoppable, if you don’t try, you will never know
  • Follow your instincts and keep your head and heart connected.

Your golden rules and your example as a successful and powerful business woman are my inspiration, my go-to when I need that extra push, Julie, you are amazing!

(V Sacha, HCG)

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