Our HCG “Green, White and Red 2019 Year”

We welcome 2019 with the promise to make this year bigger, better, and bolder and we are determined to make it a colourful year.

Inspired by the colours of Christmas and the national flags of Bulgaria, South Africa and Italy, we nominated 2019 to be our “HCG Green, White and Red” year, with each colour symbolising different goals and values.

Our Green is the colour of life, renewal and rebirth.It renews and restores depleted energy and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness and safety.

Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances and banking.
Felling recharged, balanced and calm and filled with positive energy, we will help our clients achieve greater financial success.

Our White is the colour of perfection, purity and brilliance. To us, White means new beginnings and opportunities and inspires us to be creative in developing and offering innovative solutions.

And finally, we complete the spectrum of our 2019 year with the colour Red. Red is the colour of fire and blood and is associated with energy, strength, power and. It is also the colour of passion, desire and love.

Red will illuminate our year ahead and reaffirm values such as leadership, courage, vigor and determination.

We feel empowered to be a great team, to stand by our beliefs and values, to learn and achieve, to give and celebrate, to reach out and embrace others, to continue our journey and choose new destinations.

We invite you to join us on our journey to a colourful new year. Let’s travel together, let’s explore and succeed and have fun on the way!

Each month we will reflect on the influence of the power of the Green, White and Red colours of the 2019 year on our team.

Stay tuned to hear our stories!