Red, White and Green Reflection for May 2019

Let’s take a moment to recap and reflect on the month of May.

Our Red theme in May was represented by the strength, passion, leadership and determination by our team to achieve and succeed. We are very proud to announce that our team work and planning resulted in our firm meeting 92% of our tax lodgement program, thus exceeding the 85% ATO benchmark. It has been a big challenge getting thorough the busiest month of the year but despite the bouts of flu and colds, our team kept the energy high and met all lodgement deadlines.

We are also very proud of our junior accountant Jess who completed the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon running 21km. This is an amazing personal achievement for Jess as she has been training for a few weeks to complete her first half marathon and has successfully ticked off a goal. Although it was quite a challenge, she thoroughly enjoyed it, and she is already looking towards preparing for her next running events – the Sun-Herald City2Surf in August & the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival in September.

Our White is the colour of perfection, purity and brilliance. To us, White means new beginnings and opportunities and inspires us to be creative in developing and offering innovative solutions.

Our White May Reflection: Perfection, brilliance and looking for new innovative solutions has been a consistent theme throughout the office with the team working hard this month attending multiple seminars and tax schools to enhance their skills and ensure HCG is on top of new laws, regulations and tax requirements in order to assist clients in a more productive way. Fiona’s workload was extra hard this month as she studied for and attended the first exam of her CTA tax professional module with the Tax Institute of Australia. Our admin girls also started their 12 week course to add to their skills and find better solutions for the office so we can keep working towards a paper free environment and a more effective portal solution. We look forward to hearing their feedback and utilising the knowledge they take away from this course.

And finally, we complete our May reflection with the colour Green – the colour of life, renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness and safety.

May Reflection: We continue to honour as a team our pledge to support Batyr through our HCG Elephant Fund and our total donations have reached $2,730.00 since 1 January 2019.

If you’ve missed it you can follow the below links to see our full pledge, donate or see how HCG is progressing within their support to batyr and mental health. We look forward to making a presence in the community.

Our Cause to save lives

HCG Elephant Fund

This month we also commenced  our mini information sessions at Chatswood Junior Rugby Club’s Clubhouse as part of our community contribution program. Our young and enthusiastic team Nicole and Matt prepared and delivered the first presentation providing information to the parents about the Active Kids Rebate government subsidies, a very welcome news!

As we begin to approach the financial year end, we stop to acknowledge our team’s achievements, hard work and determination to meet their personal and professional goals and further their knowledge. We also take this time to appreciate the relationship we have with our clients and thank them for their support and patience. We are gearing up for a month of tax planning for the yet another financial year end and achieving many positive outcomes.