Finding Opportunities in Lockdown – Client Success Story

This month we would like to share a story of resilience and adaptability from our client, Musa Taekwondo Academy.

Located in Five Dock, Musa Taekwondo Academy offers training for children, teens, adults and athletes. The academy is owned by Alex Sootho, whom we admire for his energy and optimism.

Months before the COVID lockdown in March 2020, Alex was already anticipating the increasing likelihood of a pandemic. With his business continuity plan in place, Alex began investing in technology that would allow him to shift his service offerings online.

Taking it one step further, Alex redesigned his classes to ensure maximum engagement from his students. He designed classes that would re-enact much loved children television shows such as Power Rangers and Pokemon.

Once lockdowns were enforced, Alex was geared-up and ready for the implementation of his contingency plan. The transition was fast and went without a glitch. The students were ecstatic that they could keep practising Taekwondo during the lockdown, especially as mini ‘Power Rangers’.

The biggest lesson that we have all learnt in the last year is that change is constant.

We are proud of Alex’s resilience and adaptability to a rapidly changing world. It is our joy and pleasure to join him on his journey, navigating the changes thrown our way.

Check out their Power Ranger moves on ABC News:

By Grace Shideh