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Meet Venetta

Venetta Sacha CA CTA

Director and CEO
Venetta Sacha CA CTA Director and CEO Venetta dots I’s and crosses t’s – relentlessly. She’s also passionate about fashion, fast cars and high culture. Contradictory? Perhaps, but hopefully, this provides an insight into Venetta’s unique combination of analytical precision and creative flair. Venetta has built a well-deserved reputation for crafting solutions that are both...
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Meet Sean

Sean Crowley CA

SEAN CROWLEY CA Associate Not everyone starts a new job on their birthday but Sean was brave enough to face the balloons and the girls’ attention on his first day at work. With over 15 years of experience in the business services sector, Sean always demonstrates his dedication to go “above and beyond” on clients’...
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Meet Roz

Roz Kaye

Administration & Operations Manager
ROZ KAYE Admin & Operations Manager Roz’s role is to ensure that the wheels of our practice roll smoothly and in synchrony and we create a unique experience for our clients. Roz is a whirlwind of energy and a real go-getter. Roz often think’s outside the box and ask’s the difficult question always putting client satisfaction...
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