How to adapt and survive when things are tough

With Australia enduring bushfires, drought, a pandemic and global economic slump, many business owners struggle to adapt and can’t find a way forward.

There is never right and wrong when it comes to leadership during a crisis. It’s trusting our instincts, relying on our team and continuously building the bond you have created with the people who count. Most importantly, it is important to be seen by the people who rely on you and be heard by the people who trust you in your decision-making.

A pandemic situation brings not only economic uncertainty but fear for our safety and we face decisions we never had to make before. We continue to pull through this extraordinary experience.

I struggled, as a business owner, to adapt to the new environment; consumed with worry about team, clients and our future.   

As we emerge on the other side we see that the battle is not over yet. It is time to gear up for another battle and plan for the post-pandemic recovery stage.

I look back to reflect on my experience in the last two months and believe it is the resilience, compassion and seeking help that mattered the most. Creating strong bonds during this time has helped us all to pull through.

When resilience is weak or missing, it leads to lack of proper engagement with the team, suppliers and customers, plus missed opportunities. It can lead to increased mental health issues and emotional breakdowns.

To be resilient, means we are more willing to focus on others and offer help but it also means recognising when we need support.  It means acknowledging our feelings openly and honestly and leaning on each other as a team, on our families, friends and professional networks.

I believe the best way to build resilience is to take action, manage stress, stay physically fit, engage in projects, sustain your self-esteem and nourish your creativity.

Don’t be afraid to seek help in difficult times and empower your team to do the same.

If you are struggling in this area, consider a mentor, talk to a trusted colleague or reach out to an influencer that demonstrates the power of resilience. As we develop tools and draw on new resources to help our business, we become more eager to help others and share our new knowledge and experience with them.

Finding a way forward is always better with a companion and as we embark on a new post-COVID-19 journey, we are more prepared than ever to lean on each other, step up to help our clients and make a difference.

The new post-COVID-19 recovery battle begins now. Please reach out to the Hall Consulting team for support for your business here.

Take care,