Covid-19 Safety Plan

It’s compulsory to register your business’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Safety PlanMany companies are receiving the email “Important update: it’s compulsory to register your business’s COVID-19 Safety Plan” from Service NSW. After reaching out to Service NSW it seems some companies may be receiving this email in error. Whilst it is important to have a COVID-19 safety plan, it is also beneficial to know which companies are required by law to have this safety plan in place to ensure you don’t receive a hefty fine.

Under the Public Health Orders, it is mandatory for some types of business to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and register as a COVID Safe business. For other types of business, it is mandatory to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and optional to register.

See the COVID-19 Safety Plan for your industry below for details.

Any business found in breach of the Public Health Orders could face a penalty of up to $55,000 and a further $27,500 penalty may apply for each day an offence continues.

On-the-spot fines can also be issued.

Liquor and Gaming NSW have the power to enforce the following penalties:

  • for a first offence, a $5500 fine or relevant penalty for breach of the Public Health Order
  • for a second offence, the business will be closed for one week
  • for a third offence (repeated and wilful non-compliance), the business will be shut down for up to one month.

Registering as a COVID Safe business is mandatory for hospitality venues such as cafes, restaurants, food and drink premises, micro-breweries, cellar doors, casinos, registered clubs, small bars and casinos. For other types of businesses, registration is optional but recommended.