Red, White and Green Reflection for July 2019

The new financial year brought many new beginnings and we would like to take a moment to recap and reflect on the month of July in the house of HCG.

As in the past, we would start our July reflection with the colour Red as this is the colour associated with energy, strength and power. It is also the colour of passion, desire and love.

July Reflection :  At HCG we are passionate about what we do and celebrate our milestones and achievements. The month of July was marked by Grace’s 5th work anniversary and Jess’s 1st work anniversary. It has been a wonderful journey to see these two talented young team members growing into their roles and becoming a great example to others. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to achieving the best results are very inspiring.  We wish Grace and Jess further success for the coming years and are proud of everything they have accomplished.

“A ball of energy” is the word we use to describe our new Administration and Operations Manager Roz Kaye who joined us on the 22nd of July. From the first day in the office, Roz established herself as a manager not only overseeing our administrative function but empowering all of us to do better, work hard and… party harder.  Roz’s new role was sealed with her birthday celebration on the 30th July, and the Red Velvet Cake she chose assured us of her fiery and fearless personality! Happy birthday, Roz! We look forward to helping you make positive changes to our systems and processes and supporting our team and clients.

Our White is the colour of perfection, purity and brilliance. To us, White means new beginnings and opportunities and inspires us to be creative in developing and offering innovative solutions.

July Reflection:  New beginnings come from new ideas and we have been actively looking for new ways to improve our Debtor management system and simplify our administration processes. With Roz aboard and encouraging changes, the team is inspired to find creative ways to take Hall Consulting Group in new technologically advanced directions. We are more committed than ever to provide our clients with the most seamless services and better ways to communicate.

We chose the month of July to launch our new portal CCH iFirm portal as the first of the series of new software solutions we are looking to implement this year.  The CCH iFirm’s cloud based portal will enable clients to connect with us smoothly and securely, on a contemporary platform, which boosts efficiencies across the board. From simple document sharing to detailed collaboration, there has never been a safer way to communicate with clients.

And finally, we complete our July reflection with the colour Green – the colour of life, renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness and safety.

July Reflection: We renewed our admin team in July to prepare to say goodbye to our lovely Client Co-ordinator Nicole and wish her safety, fun and amazing experiences on her new journey overseas. Nicole has been an excellent team member and a great support to all of us over the past 2 years and we look forward to her return in the future after her travels.

We had the pleasure of celebrating life, courage and new beginnings at a team dinner enjoying the show at the Slide Lounge. El Circo captivated us with the charm and flavour of Parisian cabaret and we were swept away by the magic of the show, atmosphere, dinner and performers. It was an amazing show that we highly recommend, if you wish to be transported to Paris or Berlin for one evening! The menu, offering a 9 course degustation was designed to complement 9 stunning performances of acrobatic art which blew the team away. It was an uplifting event to renew depleted energy at the end of the working week, bring the team together and welcome our new team member.

We continue to honour as a team our pledge to support Batyr through our HCG Elephant Fund and our total donations have reached $5,630.00 since 1 January 2019.

If you’ve missed it you can follow the below links to see our full pledge, donate or see how HCG is progressing within their support to batyr and mental health. We look forward to making a presence in the community.

Our Cause to save lives

HCG Elephant Fund